I’m Disappointed In My Players


Ajibola Ahmed popularly known as Hadji is the Team Manager of Shallom United Football Club of Idimu. In this interview with SUNDAY AKINTOYE, he speaks on the club’s challenges and how his players are ungrateful to the club


Sir, we were told that your team have registered for both Oba’s Cup and Boska Cup, which begin very soon in Lagos; tell us about your preparation?

Our preparation is still in progress and I am quite impressed with the performance of the players in the training and friendly matches we played recently. For now, I have a team who can confront any team in both competitions.

Do you see your players going far in these two major competitions?

I hope they will do well because we have prepared for these two major competitions. Recently, we played a friendly match against Juventus FC and we defeated them 5-2.The friendly match was a clear indication that my players are hungry for success. Also,we are planning more friendly matches before the competitions start.

Is there any competition you are playing now?

We just crashed out in Oba Isheri Cup. We lost to Rainbow FC 4-2 on penalty shootout after a barren draw in the regulation time. It was so painful that we crashed out to an unfancied team in the quarter final.

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You have been funding the club since 1994; how has it been?

It is not easy at all. I am tired of funding the club now. Most of my players who are playing in professional clubs in Nigeria and abroad are not doing well at all. They know the problems of the club but they refuse to help us.

Are you saying that the so -called professional players have not contributed to the progress of the club?

None of them wants to help the club. They are too big to help the club now after what the club have done for them in the past. I don’t want to mention their names for now; when the time comes, I will expose them to the public.

Are you disappointed with your players who fail to help the club at the moment of difficulties?

I am highly disappointed in them because they let me down. I did not tell them to help me but let them help the club.

What are your future plans for the club?

I want to try my best to get sponsors for the club and make sure that some of my players get offer to professional clubs in Nigeria and abroad.