Kayode Ready For Godfrey


Cruiserweight powerhouse, Lateef “Power” Kayode (16-0, 14 KOs), is finishing up his training for his nationally televised battle with Rhode Island contender, Matt “Too Smooth” Godfrey (20-2, 14 KOs).

Kayode and Godfrey will meet on 10 June in the 10-round main event at Chumash Resort Casino in Santa Ynez, California.

“This training camp was our best to date,” said Feder. “In addition to our six days a week at Wild Card Boxing, we were able to work with Heavyweight, Chris Arreola, for two weeks in Riverside. He taught us a lot about dealing with and applying pressure. We also worked again with strength and conditioning coach, Mike Vale, and we added Juan Ruiz Bernabe to work specifically on short bursts and balance for speed work.”

Feder disclosed that trainer, Freddie Roach, has made some adjustments in Kayode’s style that will make Godfrey easy pickings for the 27-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria, a perfect return from what some thought was a disappointing performance in his last fight.

“The last fight was good for us because Kayode now knows that from here on, he will have to hunt his opponents down to get them to trade. 14 fighters who traded with Kayode ended up on the canvas. We see this fight as perfect for us coming off the Nick Iannuzzi fight. Iannuzzi came with a game plan to punch and run and go the distance without taking any chances of going toe-to-toe and we expect Godfrey to rely on a similar tactic. Lateef has to get used to this.”

Team Kayode also doesn’t hesitate to admit the big picture, as they see it.

“Since turning pro in August of 2008, it’s been a journey with one goal in mind. Kayode wants to be the world champion. End of story. Then, once he’s obtained that coveted title, at some point we will turn heavyweight and do it all over again. He ultimately wants to be Heavyweight champion. After his cruiser campaign is totally satisfied, we’ll take the natural steps.”

“It wouldn’t have been considered strange if Kayode had taken a few easier fights to get his KO MOJO back, but Feder says that wasn’t even a consideration.

“We had a slew of opponents we could have taken on as tune-ups before picking back up, but we saw nothing that dictated us to take a step back. We discussed the plan with our matchmaker, John Beninati and promoter, Gary Shaw and we all decided that we have the best cruiserweight prospect in the world and taking on anyone less than a Matt Godfrey would be a step back.”