Don't Use Concoctions To Treat 'Apollo', Doctor Warns


Dr. Anne Ebri, an ophthalmologist at the International Centre for Eye care Education, has cautioned against the use of concoctions to treat conjunctivitis.

Ebri told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday that application of concoctions into the eye could cause blindness.

“Eye is an organ that is very delicate. As we speak, the epidemic, conjunctivitis is around and a couple of persons are infected. It is a viral eye condition; it is very mild in itself and often innocent.

“Unfortunately, this condition has given rise to cause of blindness, not due to viral conjunctivitis, but rather, due to harmful traditional eye medications instilled in an attempt to curb the symptom.

“Viral epidemic conjunctivitis would go away in five days, even without treatment. It is very uncomfortable; the sufferer experiences tearing, redness and discharge.

“We have found that some have gone on to instil harmful substances like petrol; harmful substance like diesel, salt solution and unimaginable things; herbs; corrosive herbs and that leads to complication like corneal opacity and the corneal becomes blurred.”

Ebri said once the tissues of the eyes lost transparency, the eyes lose the ability to see.

She advised Nigerians to desist from using traditional herbs to treat eye infections, but to endeavour to seek expert medical advice.