A Toast To BRF


Far beyond induced ignorance, deceit, conspiracy, wars, injustice, diseases, poverty, religious/intellectual bigotry, electoral fraud, irresponsible governance, falsehood, treasonable democracy, western capitalism, sabotage, bad leadership, corruption, evil manipulation and mind-control, another big tragedy imposed on humanity today, is the orchestrated antagonism and persecution of those who dare to question the status quo.

Their persecutors are the very nations and peoples who covertly and conspiratorially establish and sustain the chaotic, cultural, cross-cultural, community, national and international situations, whereby they corruptly benefit directly, in terms of economic and political dominion, while at the same time disguise as benevolent individuals, countries, societies, organisations and philanthropists, nationalist, world leaders, human rights advocates, democracy proponents and activists, defenders of the masses and the oppressed, mediators in communal/global conflicts, and men and women of God. What has made their operations more dangerous and therefore very effective so far, is the perilous subtlety they have been employing in the process.

Since I detected them at micro through macro to global levels with their evil networking and hide-and-seek operations, I have not, can never, be deterred from daring. Anyone who positively dares, is never scared by evil people and their occultic activities. Providence guides, protects and leads to success and victory. It is for daring that true inventors, reformers, iconoclasts and nation-builders effect necessary positive changes in anything, anywhere.

Dear reader, should you wish to be mentored along the thrilling and adventurous way of daring positively in the course of purposeful service, I know a young man in Nigeria today to recommend for you. He is Babatunde Raji Fashola, BRF, (SAN), alias Eko o ni baje. He is the dejure Executive Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria from May 2007 to date.

Babatunde means Baba has reincarnated. I can see in his own instance at least sixteen Babas who have jointly come back, in one man, to perform positively and daringly in Nigeria: Raji’s own biological Baba, Baba Obafemi Awolowo, Baba Aminu Kanu, Baba Muritala Muhammed, Baba Tunde Idiagbon, Baba Anthony Enahoro, Baba Mobolaji Johnson, Baba Lateef Jakande, Baba Muhammed Buhari, Baba Bola Tinubu, Baba Balarabe Musa, Baba Samuel Ogbemudia, Baba Odimegwu Ojukwu, Baba Yakubu Gowon and Baba Bisi Akande.

Babatunde Fashola is an illustrious reincarnate of sixteen illustrious Babas at least.

BRF is ODU – The Oracular catalyst! Babatunde Raji Fashola is ARA – a man of truth, justice, learning, vision, mission, accomplishment, prudence and integrity. Babatunde Fashola is Omoluabi – a man of the people, to be trusted in all things! Babatunde is a product of a long and excellent pedigree, hard work/industry, experience, good luck and providence!

Integrity is the firm belief in true and just principles and the putting them into practice, diligently and wholesomely. This can be put the other way round: The true and just practice of wholesome principles we profess. It isn’t just “do as I say and do,” or the belief and practice of any principle, true or false, just or fraudulent. Integrity is the true and just practice of true and just principles.

Providence is the benign consequence of right belief, thought, act and continuous practice of true and just principles. It is imperative that well-thought-out and acted natural-principles bring-about healthy opportunities for true and just service to humanity! When there is a good will, there is always a good way!

Providence is bound to take you to where you ought to be, triumphantly pulling you over and above human diabolical barriers. It may be rough and tough, and it’s usually so. But, you are sure to get there! It is providence that makes you counter all human machinations successfully, in the process of accomplishing wholesome projects. Some people call it chance, but it is not. Providence is the direct result of right belief, good thinking and benign, purposeful acts.

Also, providence is not good luck! Providence springs from wholesome beliefs and observances of wholesome, natural principles. Goodluck comes from being human-compliant, only. One is divine, the other is by human designs and programming. It is true that luck, considered good or bad, is always human-made. Divine, natural providence is the constant blessing of men and women of truth, justice, purpose, great exploits and integrity, only!

It is also true, however, that nemesis awaits anyone who abuses providential blessings or departs from wholesome paths of providence, just as nemesis also crowns those who depend solely on goodluck, inclusive of their so-called achievements.

Before Babatunde stepped into office as Executive Governor of Lagos State, he definitely had a clear vision of what his mission as governor would physically translate into. No sooner he came on board than it became transparent to the people that a true servant-leader-mentor has emerged, not only for service par excellence in Lagos State but also a real model in leadership for Nigeria, and for Africa.

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The first significant leadership trait in BRF is his humble ideological mentoring posture. His immediate protégés have been his family, members of his State Executive Council, state and local council legislatures and the entire people of Lagos State.

Eko o ni baje is a simple but profound ideological maxim that could have come only from a visionary leader, well skilled and empowered to kick-start a comprehensive, continuous development pace and space of Lagos State. From then on, the young unique, dynamic governor has been consistent and diligently focused in the unfolding and realisation of his fabulous developmental projects, carrying the people along at every stage.

His second motivating attribute is his constructive, innovative and original streak of people-oriented programmes, proposals, aspirations and outstanding achievements.

Because he works with truth, justice, purpose and focus, Babatunde Fashola’s word is his bond! His vision has become his mission, his passion and his life! All in all, he is a plain example of a leader-by-example.

Above all, he has been continuously accountable to himself and the people of Lagos State. Already, he has surpassed the expectations of those who selected and introduced him to the people, who in turn, handed legitimacy to him at the polls, first in 2007 and subsequently, in deep appreciation of his great exploits, voted him overwhelmingly for a second, four-year term from 2011, for continuity in excellent service, leadership and mentoring. Today and forever, BRF is a reference point in Nigeria and in Africa for daring, people-oriented, progressive, national development. Again, I can see him replicating and improving on his track-record all over Nigeria after his current tenure in Lagos State! Insha Allah!

Babatunde Fashola’s practical experience on the subject of positive daring is being glaringly demonstrated in all 20 local government councils, LGC, and 37 LGDAs inside Lagos State.

Among his spectacular social transformations is Oshodi, a hitherto particularly notorious commercial slum area in the state. What the military could not achieve with all their generally illegal and violent gra-gra, in well over 30 years of illegitimate and unconstitutional rule in Nigeria, our own dear reincarnated Baba has accomplished within just about one year in office, in the exercise of legitimate, mass-oriented gra-gra.

His superlative achievement has been possible and can be replicated only with moral principles of indigenous, legitimate servant-leadership, personal honesty, sincere social commitment, positively constructive inward thinking and planning, based on universal immutable principles and laws of nature, community-service orientation, and daring diligent execution.

Obviously, whatever Babatunde Fashola has been able to do so far, in collaboration with his similarly dynamic team in Lagos State Government, is just an indication of greater things to come. Babatunde nmu eye bo l’apo ni. What we are currently witnessing is only a signal of what Fashola and other true citizens of Lagos State have got in store for African people, which shall be further achieved, with time, in greater indigenous cultural communal designs and accomplishment for the benefit of all. And, godfatherism, as well as ‘satanmotherism’, will then become a thing of our ugly past. This is as clear and sure as the morning shows the day!

Benevolent mentors breed other mentors of their stuff at geometrical rate and lightning speed! Since Babatunde is a protégé-turned-mentor in daring positive endeavours, thousands of other Babatundes are daily emerging in Africa today to meet the most formidable challenge of recovery, rehabilitation reconstruction and continuous realisation of African civilisation! So shall it be!

Indigenous cultural/national development is the next level BRF and his great team must aim at. Appropriate and wholesome local-content solutions abound for all local development challenges in Africa. All we need do is, search vigorously for them. Thereafter, we will prove to the world that truly, world civilisation started in Africa.

•Dejumo Lewis, author/publisher, wrote from Lagos.