Adeola Agoro Launches Book Tomorrow


Fans of Nigeria’s most popular Agony Aunt column, Hearts, will now have fresh opportunity to catch up on their favourite enquiries and counsel with the planned presentation of the book, “Hearts with Adeola Agoro” on Friday.

The column, edited by Society Editor Adeola Agoro first appeared in the defunct Comet Newspaper in December 2005 and moved to The Nation in 2006 to the admiration of its contributors and readers. Comprising over 250 editions of the column, the book addresses challenges of social relationships such as search for spouses, teenage and adult romance, challenges of motherhood and managing relations with in-laws.

Adeola Agoro, the self-published author, is pushing her third book into the market in the hope that readers who request for old

editions could eat their cake and have it.

Displaying exemplary versatility, she made her debut in the book industry in 2000 with the publication of an educational work, Forty Secrets You Should Know About Exclusive Breast Feeding. She published her second book, Wonders of Israel-Lessons for Nigeria in 2003.

A graduate of the Ahmadu Bello University, Agoro’s creative spirit led her into literature and journalism. She worked on the

titles of the Independent Communications Limited, publishers of TheNEWS, P.M.NEWS, Tempo before joining Thisday Newspapers where she handled the Soul toSoul section.

Currently Agoro consults on media for public and private organisations and lives off writing.