Why We Are Rebranding OPC –Fasehun


Founder of the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, has disclosed that the organization is being rebranded to identify original members from those who hid under its banner to perpetrate evil.

Dr. Fasehun who made this known at a press conference lamented that the organization had become a borderless institution, whose membership is claimed by many people who do not know what the organization stands for.

He said many who are not of Yoruba parenthood, but had lived in Yorubaland for a considerable length of time, long enough to make them constituents of an amalgam that just flow without truly mixing, had infiltrated the group.

“Though, OPC mainstream does not comprise angels; deviants lurk within too. Many of them act out of youthful exuberance. But the overzealous actions of these few misguided youths are not representative of OPC.

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“Many of these anarchists compromise every prerequisite of respectability. The lowly gave up humility and assumed equality with long-standing national figures; and discipline became an uncommon feature. Many members have lost their reason and their focus,” he stated.

To correct these anomalies, Fasehun stated: “This is why the OPC has undertaken a self assessment to reorder itself for vast improvement and redefinition that will make true members readily identifiable by the generality of the people, through their character, comportment, discipline and the redesigned and unique identity card that each true member must readily display on demand or when necessary.”

He called on every Yoruba to assist the organization in its rebranding process.

—Paul Sanusi & Kemi Adeyeri