2 Lovers Attempt Suicide In Custody


Two Lovers, Femi Rafiu, 40 and 18-year old Blessing Godwin were alleged to have attempted to commit suicide while in the custody of Ijora-Badia police station, Apapa, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria. They were arrested and detained by the police following an allegation that Rafiu abducted Blessing.

The lovers were alleged to have smuggled insecticide into the police cell and attempted to drink it in order to die. It took the intervention of the policemen on duty who discovered their plan and prevented them from doing so. P.M.NEWS learnt.

The two lovers were detained at the station following report by Blessing’s parents that her lover, Godwin abducted her.

P.M.NEWS also gathered that Blessing left their house after her parents advised her against dating Femi because she was still young. Femi is 22 years older than her. She reportedly insisted that she loves him.

She then packed her belongings and started living with Femi as his wife in his house without her parent’s knowledge.

Her parents started looking for her and reported to police that she was missing.

It was learnt that her parents later discovered that she was staying in Femi’s house as his wife.

Her parents went back to the police and reported that Femi had abducted Blessing.

The police promptly went to Femi’s house and arrested him and Blessing and detained them at the station.

While at the station Blessing informed the police that she was not abducted as claimed by her parents.

She described Femi as her lover who she wants to marry even though he has not paid her dowry.

P.M.NEWS gathered that they asked the police to release them because they did not commit any offence.

When the police refused to release them, they reportedly smuggled Go 90, an insecticide, and attempted to drink it before they were caught and prevented from drinking it.

Their action has landed them in another trouble. They were charged to Apapa Magistrate’s court for attempting suicide.

The charge against them reads: “that you the defendants while detained in police custody in a case of abduction did attempt to commit suicide by attempting to drink Go 90 insecticide to kill your selves.”

The offence, the police said, they committed was punishable under section 327 of the criminal code cap 17 vol 2 laws of lagos State of Nigeria 2003.

When the charge was read to them, they pleaded not guilty. The presiding Magistrate Mr A Ogundare granted them bail in the sum N50,000 with two sureties in like sum.

The matter has been adjourned till a later date.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe