Entertainment Express Kicks Off


The number of society journals have skyrocketed these days and practioners believe it is a good omen for the industry. saying the more the journals, the more the readers.

But what is yet to be seen is a full fledged newspaper dedicated to the entertainment sector and this is the gap Entertainment Express has come to fill.

At a briefing the publisher disclosed that the newspaper is mainly to cater for the growing entertainment industry in the counrty, arguing that even in countries with less enetertainment contents, they have entertainment newspapers.

Mike Awoyinfa, the publisher, who said that he has faith in the success of the paper, disclosed that the publictaion will kick off as a weekly every Friday, while Azuh Amatus, the editor, gave the roll out date of the publication as 1 July.

According to him, the paper is first of its kind in this part of the world and asked entertainment-loving Nigerians to look out for the publication when it is out.