Lessons For Nigeria Police From Israel


The Nigeria Police Force and Nigerians have a lot of lessons to learn from the internal security arrangement in Israel, a Christian pilgrimage, Prophet Dr. Solomon Olukunmi Ajao has declared.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS after his return from Jerusalem and Israel to perform this year’s Christian pilgrimage, Ajao said his group travelled hundreds of kilometres in Israel without sighting a police road block or policemen carrying firearms.

“We travelled for about 13 hours from 8 a.m till 9 p.m. The roads are so smooth our vehicle did not enter any bump or bad patch. Drivers obey traffic rules. There was no breaking of the rules or dangerous driving,” Ajao narrated.

The founder and leader of Christ Apostolic Church CAC Warrior for Christ Mission, Railway line, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos stated that not a single policeman was seen on the streets carrying rifles not to talk of harassing or intimidating anyone with his gun.

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Ajao added that there was no power failure or fluctuation throughout his group’s stay in Israel for about 10 days stressing that the streets were well illuminated both day and night.

Prophet Ajao said none of the pilgrims in his group defected or was involved in any criminal act because they are mostly ministers and church workers.

Members of the group returned to Nigeria last week.

—Moyo Fabiyi