Tinubu Lauded Over Stance On Article Against Awo Family


A chieftain of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Lagos, Kunle Ademoye, has commended the party’s national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for the manner he handled the ongoing controversy over the recent article published in The Nation, purportedly disparaging Mama HID Awolowo and the entire Awolowo family.

“Asiwaju indeed deserves great kudos for the refined sense of cultivation, humility and mature restraint with which he had so far comported himself in the face of provocative statements by reactionary pseudo Awoists, who rather than douse the tension, had chosen to fuel it for their own selfish gains,” said Ademoye an ex-lawmaker and Chairman Committee Housing in the Lagos House of Assembly.

He said it was against the ethics of media practice for any newspaper publisher to habitually pry into the day-to-day editorial affairs of the organisation and that Tinubu as publisher of The Nation, could therefore not have been privy to the article in question before going to press, just as Asiwaju himself had never accused Mama HID as being the sponsor of the repeated demonisation of his person by the Nigerian Tribune, simply because Mama is the chairman.

“It is against this background that it would be wrong to hold Tinubu responsible for the deed creditable to the writer in question,” he said, adding that since Asiwaju had even further gone ahead to tender an apology in spite of his innocence, the matter is therefore expected to end there.

He lauded the Tinubu for his exemplary sense of magnanimity and respect for elders, describing him further as a leader, whose philosophy is deeply anchored on the tenets of Awoism and could by this token, not have subjected his highly esteemed wife and the larger family to undue infamy.

The Lagos Mainland-based politician, however, seized the opportunity to appeal to the Nigerian Tribune to muster the mature spirit of fairness and levelheadedness as a hallmark of its editorial policy, instead of the sustained and intensified disparaging of Tinubu’s person in spite of all he had done for Nigeria and the Yoruba race in particular.

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Also, in the same vein, he urged the Awolowo family not to be deceived by the so-called Awoists, who had raised the loudest voice in deliberately fuelling the situation, as their action was not borne out of love for the family, saying “they are a bunch of spent force who had already outlived their usefulness and therefore felt that they could bounce back into relevance by fomenting confusion through a persistent denigration of the reverend ACN leader.”

“They felt threatened and overshadowed by Tinubu’s immense clout. It’s therefore no wonder that Tinubu’s mere cough or sneeze sends them severely jittery or panicky. This is why I’m urging the Awo family to see through their parochial motive and ignore them,” Ademoye added.

There is no doubt that the great Awo would be proud of him, wherever he might be, for holding his torch aloft an immortalising his memory not only by espousing the ideal for which he lived and died, but for giving the Yoruba a sense of pride in such a way that they could raise their head high and proudly refer to themselves as Yoruba.

“There is no doubt that Tinubu is the contemporary Awo of our time, who is destined to complete the sage’s unfinished business,” Ademoye stated.