Okotie Celebrates 53, Decries Insecurity


Presidential candidate of the Fresh Democratic Party F.R.E.S.H in the April 2011 Presidential election, Rev Chris Okotie was 53 on Thursday 2011. The celebration proper would hold on Sunday, June 26, 20011 in his church, The Household of God, Oregun, Lagos.

In a statement from the F.R.E.S.H secretariat in Lagos during the week, the party said all those born in the month of June would hold a mass birthday celebration with the chief celebrant, Rev Chris Okotie, in keeping with the tradition of the church.

The church normally hosts mass birthday parties for those born within each month of the year, but the June celebrants attract more attention because they share the same month with the pastor.

In his birthday message, Okotie, who was in a sombre mood, said the news of the suicide bombing at the Police headquarters was shocking and unprecedented. ‘’I was saddened and outraged by this unfortunate incident when I got the news. When the law enforcement agencies become targets of this kind of attack, who then is safe? The federal government must move swiftly to arrest this situation”, he added.

The pastor- politician expressed regret at the loss of life and urged all Nigerians to be vigilant. He said bombings should not be viewed in isolation, but the entire state of national security, including kidnapping, armed robbery, assassinations, arson, pipeline vandalism, terrorism and cross border crime should be carefully analysed and lasting solutions proffered to restore peace and tranquillity in the nation.