Oyekan Told Me I’ll Succeed Him, Says Akiolu


Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu 1 has revealed a secret he never told anyone, saying that the late Oba Oyekan once predicted that he would succeed the oba before he died.

Akiolu disclosed this recently at the installation and coronation of the new Ojon of Lagos, Chief Nurudeen Olubiyi-Agoro.

Akiolu said the best thing that could happen to a leader was to plan for his or her successor, “just as Oba Oyekan predicted that I will take over from him.”

He said he was one of the closest persons to Oba Oyekan who became king in 1964, and that they travelled together more than ten times.

Akiolu stated that the late oba even told him that some people would struggle to get to the throne with him, “he mentioned the names of those that will struggle with me, and he said they will struggle but will never get there.

“He even prayed that his ancestors will not allow them. He was always telling me and I can say it anywhere.

“I can say it anywhere, if you don’t plan for a worthy successor, you are not a good person; any success without a successor is a failure. I am planning a worthy successor, God knows the person. In sha Allah, the person will get it, and so I am not against princes and princesses planning to become king after me,” he added.

While stressing the importance of the title to Lagos, he said the first Ojon of Lagos, Suleiman Abiola Agoro is an amiable person and a king in his own right in Badagry area.

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Akiolu said it was when the then Ojon wanted to come to Lagos that the then Oba asked him to remove his crown and be ready to wear the white cap if he wished to come to Lagos.

“The first Ojon was tall and lovely, he is just like a soldier if you see him; they all like him then and one good thing about him was that he spearheaded the selection of the Oba of Lagos and we still appreciate Agoro for that,” he said.

The Lagos monarch also encouraged members of the Agoro family to continue to pray for the new Ojon of Lagos, that all what the family had lost during the time the stool was vacant would be restored to them.

Akiolu said the royal house in Lagos could testify to the progress it had recorded within his eight years of reign, while attributing the success to God.

The oba appealed to the members of the National Assembly to give peace a chance, saying that greed and fear of uncertainty was a problem to them.

“But they should cooperate with the Executive,” he stated, while also urging President Goodluck Jonathan to consider Lagos project a priority.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga