Who Kidnapped Our Colleague?


The Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Union Government of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, Comrade Adeniji Seun, speaks on the crisis brewing in the institution following the kidnap of one of the students


What is the cause of the crisis in Ago Iwoye?

Actually it started on Sunday, 5 June, 2011, when one of our students, Wasiu popularly known as Bamoo, was kidnapped by an indigene of Ago-Iwoye popularly called Ajela at about 4 p.m.

Since that time till date, Wasiu has not been found?

Yes, he has not been found and as a union, we are trying all our best and with some progressive students, we have consulted and dialogued with the indigenes, but all to no avail. If we do not hear anything from them soon, we will confront them.

What has been the response of the indigenes and community leaders of the town on the issue?

I must be frank, the indigenes seem to be dormant about the issue. They have just been promising us heaven and earth without doing anything, but something that baffles us most is that the kidnap suspect has fled and nothing has been done about it while none of his family members has been arrested. As I am talking to you now, Ajela’s wife, children and family members are still living fine in this town without being arrested, maybe because he his believed to be a powerful person in the town. So I believe the indigenes are not helping the issue.

Does the kidnapped student have any record on cultistm?

For now, we have been making efforts to get to the root of the matter and our findings so far have revealed that Bamoo is not a member of any confraternity. The fact remains that he is a student of this institution, so the union and the entire students will not fold their arms on the issue.

What steps is the school management taking concerning this issue?

Well, I will not say they are trying because till date, no press release has been issued on the matter by the school management.

So what is the stance of the SUG?

The union published a press release captioned No Crisis, No Tension, just to calm the students when they were much in anger and wanted to take the law into their hands over the issue and after we have met with some delegates, we also met with the king even the state’s Commissioner of Police is aware of this issue, just to be sure this boy is released alive.

What about the kidnapped student’s family?

The family is fully aware, even the mother is presently in Ago-Iwoye here. She just wants to see her son alive.

At this stage, what help do you want from Nigerians?

All stakeholders and government should please come to our aid at Olabisi Onabanjo University because this issue is getting out of hand.