I'll Start My Football Career In Europe


Michael Johnson plays for Smart Strikers Football Club of Oke Aro. His team won the Baale Omole Cup recently. He spoke about his football career and other issues with GRASSROOTS SOCCER GUIDE


You scored the winning goal against Iwuanyanwu in the Baale Cup final. How did you feel?

It was a good match for me and my colleagues. We worked hard and thank goodness that we came out victorious. I was happy when I scored the winning goal which was vital for my club

When your opponents scored an early goal, what was in your mind?

Immediately they scored, I was a little jittery but as time went on, I discovered that we played better, so I became confident that we would win the match and we won.

How would you rate your performance in that game?

It was a good one. I never disappointed my fans in my performance. My presence in the team really contributed to our victory.

Where do you see yourself in nearest future?

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Very soon, I will be in Europe. I want to start my football career in Europe.

Can you tell us the club you will start your professional football career with?

I don’t want to disclose for now because my manager won’t like it. All I know is that in next two months I will sign for a particular club in Europe.

Any regret in your football career?

I don’t have any regrets in my football career.

When are your happiest days in your football career?

My happiest days are the days my club wins trophies whether I am part of the team or not.


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