Senator Babafemi Ojudu: What Next?


Senator Babafemi Ojodu, an Ekiti-born journalist is, a man I respected much in his quest and doggedness for egalitarian society. Not only that, as a student of journalism and activist, I emulate his style of writing which is second to none. He is one of the activists in the Pen profession who risks his life for the sake of liberty of his people. He was detained on many occasions by the oppressor, yet he was not distracted a bit in his quest that Nigerians must enjoy good life with our resources. Senator Ojudu never bothered about laying down his life for the sake of our dear wealthy nation.

He was amongst those that came on a rescue mission led by Dr. Kayode Fayemi and Mrs. Olufunmi Olayinka to save Ekiti from the brink of collapse after a wasteful three and a half years of the ousted governor. These people believe in the theory of Awoism, “it is duty that we owe to our great motherland to enhance her and to boost her in the eyes of the whole world”. Senator Ojudu, being a lover of the masses observed that Ekiti has not been well represented in the RED CHAMBER; that Ekiti has been marginalised. And to adddress this anomaly, he became an activist and eventually went into politics where he believes he can better represent the people’s interest.

Ekiti deserves change and good governance. In view of this, Senator Ojudu believes that the only way he can bring about the change is to aspire for an office. Working together with the People’s Governor, Dr. Fayemi, to be able to deliver the dividends of democracy to the masses, he joined the league of the aspirants for the betterment of Ekiti people.

Senator Ojudu, being a man I love and respect, I share in his dream. I had travelled down to Ekiti on many occasions to join his campaign team. I personally mobilised youths and pressure group to campaign for him because he fits into the office. Thanks to the electorate, he won the polls.

The Governor Fayemi-led administration has shown to the world that Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and his team are capable of offering good leadership in our state; and can deliver the dividends of democracy. The little developments that have taken place in the state within his short time in office is worth mentioning.

Senator Ojudu, congratulations sir, it is a thing of joy to Ekitis for having you as their voice in the RED CHAMBER, a gallant achievement for the downtrodden as you are going to champion their cause. I know that you will be a thorn in the flesh of the ‘moneytocracy’ politicians as they know that you will not give room for them to loot our treasury. They know your antecedents, you are known as a man who believes in equity and justice.

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Bros, God will lead you through, amen.

With a sense of patriotism, I must remind you sir, that the mandate has been given to you, would you still continue as an activist politician? Are you not going to compromise your standard? Would you still continue being a progressive man? Are you not going to join the others n the chamber who don’t have the interest of the masses at heart? The electorate are waiting for the dividends of democracy. Prove to them that you can deliver. Once again accept my sincere congratulations.


•Oladele Damilola Moses, [email protected]