Man Fathers 5 Kids From Mother, Daughter


The sexual inclination of a middle aged man has left a mother and her daughter in bitter rivalry after he fathered five children from both of them.

Mrs. Ndarake Williams of Assang Eniong in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State, is currently at a loss over what to do after she discovered that her daughter, Emem Ndarake Williams, the daughter of her late husband whom she brought with her to marry her current man, Amos Edet, is set to take over her husband.

P.M.NEWS correspondent who visited the community reliably gathered that Emem, who is about twenty years old and Edet (Eddy Boy) aged about 35, had been having sexual relationship behind the woman’s back right from the early days of their marriage until Emem got pregnant and was delivered of a baby boy .

“Ndarake got pregnant first before Emem, and when Emem became pregnant, the mother was angry and wanted to know who impregnated her but Edet waded in and asked her to let the matter die, which Ndarake did,” a source in the village who gave his name as DaddyBoy, told P.M.NNEWS.

According to DaddyBoy, soon after Ndarake gave birth to the second child who is a girl, Emem also became pregnant and was delivered of twins.

“The mother became very angry and sought to know why Emem should think that she, (Nadarake) her mother, would allow her stay in the same house with her daughter (Emem) with three children from a man she had refused to disclose. That was when the matter degenerated into a quarrel and the cat was let out of the bag,” Daddy Boy said.

Edet and Emem, our source said, were too deeply in love and called the bluff of the woman when she insisted that her daughter should leave her matrimonial home.

“Emem claimed that her mother was too old for Edet and should therefore be the one to vacate the house and Edet supported her,” the young man told P.M.NEWS.

Ndarake, who is from Ibiono in Akwa Ibom State as her husband, Edet, our source said, informed the elders of the community of Edet’s “abomination” and the elders waded in but surprisingly, the elders came to the conclusion that since Edet and Emem are deeply in love, she should be the one to leave.

“She was told that the shame is too much for her and that since Edet and Emem are not willing to separate, she should leave them alone and return to Ibiono.”

An elder in the community, Chief Etim told P.M.NEWS that since both husband and his two women are not indigenes of the community but came from Akwa Ibom State, they should return there to appease their gods.

“We have nothing to do with it in Eniong. They are settlers and our gods have nothing to do with them, but I can assure you that there is a curse already in the family. Unless they appease the gods, worse things would happen.”

The woman, Ndarake, who is, however, still in the village, is said to be considering her next line of action but refused to bare her mind to P.M.NEWS.


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