Be Vigilant, FG Warns On Terrorism


The Federal Government on Tuesday in Abuja urged vigilance among the citizens to give more fillip to efforts to tackle terrorism in the country.

“Perpetual vigilance and alertness is the basic guarantee of security; security for one is security for all,” the government said in a document it circulated at the venue of an emergency meeting of the National Council on Information and Communications.

The document stated that since terrorists lived and planned their activities among the people, Nigerians could only detect any suspicious behaviour if they were alert.

“Being alert enables you to know your neighbourhood and surroundings at home or around the office and be able to spot what is odd and out of place.”

It further advised Nigerians to be mindful of persons who lurked around furtively in the neighbourhood, took unusual interest in an area, sought to avoid any eye contact or being noticed.

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“Perpetrators of violence are usually not identified by looks, tribe, clothes, speech or food but by suspicious activities detected by alertness.”

The document also advised Nigerians against giving out sensitive or unnecessary information about themselves, their bosses or workplace to suspicious individuals, urging them to be wary of such people requesting for the information.

According to the document, there is the need to be cautious of people with altered or fake/low quality driver’s licence or any other means of identification.

“Be alert about that person who only moves around clandestinely or receives visitors at odd hours of the night.”

The government said that rather than take the law into their hands, Nigerians should report suspicious activities to the security agencies.