ONE-WAY DRIVE: Lagos Cracks Down On Motorists


The Lagos State Taskforce on Environment and Offences (Enforcement) Unit began massive enforcement on driving against traffic last night as it impounded 12 vehicles and arrested their drivers on Old Ota Road, Agege area of Lagos, South West Nigeria.

The arrested drivers will be sent for psychiatrict test to ascertain their mental state of health at the Yaba Psychiatrict Hospital later today after which they would be arraigned before the Special Offences Court at Alausa to defend themselves.

Driving against traffic attracts a fine of between N50,000 and N250,000 when convicted by the Special Offences Court.

Motorists on the Old Ota Road, between Agege and Abule Egba are known for driving against traffic. The motorists take one way with impunity and contribute to the traffic gridlock in the area.

Scores of officials of the taskforce armed with guns, towing vehicles and a Black Maria stormed the area between 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm on Tuesday and immediately swung into action.

The majority of the motorists plying one way were caught by surprise by the taskforce officials that came unannounced.

The policemen towed away the cars, including SUVs and trucks. A truck belonging to the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA was towed while the driver of the vehicle was hauled into the Black Maria.

A Toyota Hilux pick-up vehicle belonging to the Lagos State Government was impounded for driving against traffic.

Some vehicle drivers who got wind that the taskforce officials were towing vehicles driving against traffic had to beat a retreat while some quickly joined the right lane to avoid being arrested.

Motorists plying the area were full of praise for the taskforce officials for swooping on the law breakers as their activities had led to untold hardship and traffic snarl in the area.

The called on the state government to step up the enforcement in the area in order to permanently stampout the traffic offence in the area and some parts of the Lagos metropolis.

When P.M.NEWS sought for more information on the arrest, the Chairman, Taskforce on Environment and Offences (Enforcement) Unit, Supol Bayo Sulaiman said the state government had decided to clampdown on motorists plying one way because this violated the traffic laws of the state. He said those arrested would be taken to the Yaba Psychiatrict Hospital to undergo test to ascertain their mental state of health as nobody with his right senses could drive against traffic, knowing full well that the act was an offence.

According to him, the offenders would be prosecuted in court and appropriate punishment meted out on those found guilty of violating the traffic laws of the state.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

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