Court Detains Bizman For Contempt


A businessman, Mallam Mohammed Awolu Saheed, has been detained by the police on the orders of an Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court, Lagos for contempt.

He was accused by the president of the court of flouting his orders to pay the N39,000 hospital bill incurred by his wife during the delivery of his last child and N15,000 monthly for the feeding of his three children after his marriage was annuled.

Saheed had earlier filed an application before the court seeking custody of his children, Ali, 5; Aminat, 3 and Abdulsamad, two months.

“I want my mother to take care of them so as to inculcate in them good manners. I also want them to have quality education which only I can provide. For close to a month now since they started living with their mother, they have not been going to school,” he stated in his application.

The same court had earlier dissolved the union between Saheed and his wife, Maryam.

Responding to Saheed’s prayers, the court president, E.B. Shokunle said: “After we dissolved the union between you and your wife on 7 June, we ordered you to pay N15, 000 monthly for your children’s feeding and pay the N39, 000 hospital bill of the birth of your last son but you have not done any of these. How then do you expect us to grant your wish?”

The court also told him that it is against the law for a child below the age of seven to be in custody of his or her father. “You can’t have custody of your children because your first son is barely five years old,” Shokunle told him.

For refusing to pay the monthly allowance of the kids and the hospital bill as ordered by the court, the president ordered that he should be detained for contempt of court and adjourned the case till 26 July, 2011.

—Uzebu Christie

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