I'm Not A Lazy Fighter


 Thirty-one-year-old Nigerian British-born cruiserweight contender, Ola Afolabi, scored a stunning first round KO over the usually durable Terry Dunstan on the Klitschko-Haye under-card last weekend, arguably stealing some of the thunder from the main event. Now 17-2-3(8), the man known as “Kryptonite” told James Slater of eastsideboxingscene.com that he is a changed man; no longer content to be “lazy” in fights. Looking ahead to a big fight with the likes of Marco Huck (in a rematch) or Denis Lebedev, Afolabi plans to stay busy and stay busy scoring highlight reel KO’s


Congratulations on the win over Terry Dunstan last Saturday. That was a brutal KO; were you surprised that you got him out so quickly?

Well, I trained hard for the fight, and my mindset was, I had to beat him in impressive style. If I lost, it would have been terrible. If I’d won but not looked good, that wouldn’t have been enough either. I wanted to look impressive.

Did you know much about Dunstan coming in? He’s never been destroyed like that.

I heard his name, and I went straight away and googled him when I knew I was fighting him. I was supposed to fight another guy in an eliminator, a shorter guy. Then I heard I was fighting a guy who was 6’4.”

How impressive do you feel the Dunstan KO was, compared to your equally stunning KO of Enzo Maccarinelli?

I was even more pleased and impressed with this one. The reason is, I got the win in the first round, and against Enzo I was a lazy fighter.This one was better because it was a cleaner punch.

You feel you are hitting harder now, more so than ever before?

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Absolutely. Ever since I’ve been trained by Fritz Sdunek, who is also Klitschko’s trainer, I’ve been working on my strength and conditioning, and I’ve stopped like three or four guys. I’ve improved my power and I’m not the lazy fighter I used to be.

Who would you like next – if you could get anyone?

If I could choose, I’d pick Marco Huck. Because I think that if that fight in December 2009 had been in the U.S, I’d have had a good chance of winning. He missed a lot, but the crowd went nuts whenever he threw three or four punches but only landed one. I had him hurt, but I was too lazy to go for it, I was scared of getting tired. But that was the old Ola – the new Ola would have taken him out. If I can’t get Huck, I’d like Denis Lebedev. I’m 31, and if I’m gonna win the big fights I have to do it now; take them now.

Do you feel you are at your peak right now?

I feel like I’ve just started boxing, actually. For the first time I have time to train, time to prepare. For the first time I know what it feels like to never get out of shape.

Just talking about the main event of last Saturday’s bout.

You want my opinion on it? I think, and a lot of British said it to me on the night after the fight that Haye sold out. He did. He has this excuse, but excuses are like a holes; we all have one. He bamboozled people into believing he had a chance; he bamboozled his U.K fans. But then again, the real fans, the knowledgeable fans, they knew he had no chance and they said so.

I got a lot of hate on my Facebook page because I said what I thought would happen, but he got his ass whupped. He came in at like 211-pounds, he had no chance; he fought like he just didn’t want to get KO’d. He never wanted to become known as, and called, Wladimir’s 50th KO victim. And the excuse he has!

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