Five Most Celebrated Couples In Nollywood


Despite the fact that most Nollywood marriages don’t last, there are some practitioners that have against all odds proved that where others fall, they can stand. This week, NollywoodReel writes about the five most successful marriages in the make-believe industry.

OLU JACOBS AND JOKE SILVA: One of the marriages of entertainment personalities that has become enviable in Nigeria today is sure that of Olu Jacob and his wife Joke Silva. Olu Jacobs, a veteran actor and his wife, also an actress of repute, have a large followership and have been able to build a nearly perfect union that is worthy of emulation because the union, unlike some, has been scandal free and very wonderful. The marriage, however, may have passed through test of time, it has been in place for well over 15 years with children.

JIDE AND HENRIETA KOSOKO: Another union that its absence will make this list incomplete is that of popular actor, Jide Kosoko and his plum wife, Henrietta, who has also registered her name in the minds of members of the public as an actress who knows her onion. Unlike some marriages of some entertainment couples usually laced with troubles till they eventually hit the rocks, Jide and Henrietta have been able to make their marriage an emulative one for many years. The fact that the actor is a polygamist has not made a mess of his love for his Delta State-born wife.

SUNDAY OMOBOLANLE AND PEJU OGUNMOLA: Many do not really know that Yoruba comic actor who has gone underground, Sunday Omobolale a.k.a. Aluwe and super Yoruba actress, Peju Ogunmola, are actually husband and wife because they have made sure their union is devoid of noise and are rarely spotted together at events. But the truth of the matter is that the couple has been able to make a perfect match so much that Aluwe’s polygamous nature has not affected his love and affection for Peju. They have been married for several years.

ZACK AND NGOZI ORJI: The appearance of gifted actor and his wife, especially the wife, may have seriously reduced in movies but they are certainly an entertainment couple that is worth celebrating because they have not been teaching people values through the tube alone but also engaged in this by making it a practical and have successfully lived as a perfect match. The good thing about them is that their love is still so strong like that of new lovers.

PATRIC AND IRETI DOYLE: This is another couple in the entertainment world whose uniqueness as hubby and beau is inspiring. Patrick, an entertainment personified and his actress wife, Ireti, have been married for some years now and still have the newness of love blossoming in their union. This explain why they have been enjoying a union that is devoid of interference of the third party. Stylish Patrick sought the hand of Ireti in marriage after he lost his former wife to the cold hands of death some years back,

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