Tomia Students Visit Resource Centre On Excursion


Students of Tomia Community Junior Secondary School, Alagbado, Lagos, South West Nigeria, at the weekend, visited the Lagos State Educational Resource Centre on excursion.

The resource centre is equipped with modern facilities meant for teachers’ development, seminars and workshops, among others.

The students were taken round facilities at the centre, such as ICT laboratory, teachers’ resource room equipped with electronic gadgets where teachers come in to produce instructional materials to teach their students in schools.

Director of the Resource Centre, Mr. Joseph Alao, said the students would learn a lot of things from the centre which has first-class facilities and second to none in the nation, adding that it is open to all who want to acquire skills.

“In this centre, we have audio-visual teaching aid and ultra-modern lecture room with ICT centre. We have a graphic room and also a comprehensive printing press where we print files. We have a language lab and e-reference library and so on,” he said.

He admonished the students to ensure that they gain lot of things from their visit to the centre, adding that Tomia was the first public school to visit the centre on excursion.

Alao appealed to principals of secondary schools in the state to encourage their teachers and students to visit the centre on excursion as what they would be exposed to would be of immense benefit to their educational pursuit.

Leading the students, Mrs. Caroline Makinde, Head of Department, English Studies, said the school decided to bring the students on excursion at the centre because it had lots of facilities that would aid them in their learning.

“The materials in this centre can’t be got elsewhere. This place is well equipped with teaching materials and library, among others. The excursion is part of the Lagos Eko Project and since it came up, it has improved the performance of these children,” she said.