Enemies In PDP Are Fighting Jonathan


It is on record that prior to the elections held April – May 2011 repeatedly imported and yet unceasing to Nigeria were lots of arms and ammunition with enormous capability translating to weapons of mass destruction.

From the reality of the imperatives of the whole scenario feasibly on ground, it could be rightly said that only a small quantity of the deadly weapons imported would have been intercepted by patriotic Customs officers particularly demonstrating convincingly and conclusively that the nation’s security and sovereignty was getting endangered and truly threatened.

Some dubious characters and weak minded security operatives went running round the fool’s circle of madness selling to the nation bullshit stories that a particular cargo of death intercepted by the customs was actually meant for Palestine but somehow strayed course from India to the nation’s port.

At the end of the day some ugly face citizens of Iran, one of the arch enemies of current Nigerian government, was traced to be the importers of the god damned evil cargo.

Before this Colonel Muammer Gaddafi of Libya( now struggling for survival in his own house on fire) whilst demonstrating his hate for the oneness of the nation had in one of his seasons of madness proffered the separation of Nigeria into two, along the division of Christianity and Islam, as a solution for lasting peace.

Some notable politicians prior to the recently held elections in undisguised statement and without holding back their intentions categorically made it clear that they would unleash terror on the nation should power not be allowed to remain in the Northern part of Nigeria.

How soon can we as a nation forget the threat made by a former military Head of State who came into power through a coup d’état but now turned politician who shortly before the April – May election warned in Maiduguri Borno State that “the type of political revolts and upheavals currently ravaging some of the Arab countries could happen here in Nigeria.”

With that type of hotly aforementioned statement why are we so timid and cowardly by not confronting headlong the facts laid bare before us all rather than falsely blaming our current bad luck on Boko Haram, whose leader had been extra-judicially murdered?

The fast linked and web connected religio-political leaders among us saw the weakness of the Federal Government on the issue and capitalised on it by refuelling and re-invigorating the Boko Haram fire.

It becomes apt therefore for one to say loudly on the roof top that what we now have on ground from emerging from the ruins of dismantled Boko Haram, is the reality of “Religio-political Boko Haram” of tumultuous power of devastation.

Were we not offered on a platter of gold revelations of ongoing terrorism among us with the Abdulmutallab’s mental sickness story of failed December 25, 2009 mission to detonate a bomb in an aircraft flying over the US air space?

Unfortunately for the nation, President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration failed woefully to rise up to the occasion with information offered it on a platter of gold.

This no doubt informed the sordid and ungodly bloodletting, human lives wasting, security challenges now facing the nation mostly in some states of Northern part of the country.

Let it be said to all discerning minds, that information offered and made readily available to any reasonable, well organised and good-intention government and or administration is not treated with hyena-type of laughter we witnessed, Rather, it should have been analysed and processed into inputs of aggressive sustainable action.

Matters of grave economic and security concerns are not handled with the kind of levity the PDP-led government is handling them.

Great leaders are known and respected by their proactive decision making and prompt actions targeted at problem solving.

Weak leaders are bereft of great ideas but colourful in assemblage of melodramatic circus jesters with poor service delivery that cripples growth and development.

Bad leaders are often surrounded by colourless good for nothing sycophants, whose only interest for serving is their stomach.

They are mostly recurring decimal value people devoid of good ideas.

For a realistic solution to the prevailing challenges threatening to dismember the country, President Jonathan to brush aside his respect for sentiments, take off his cow boy hat so he can see properly, dig deep into the archives of readily available mountain of information before him, be manly enough to take charge of the nation and call the bluff of the nuisance value politicians, religious leaders and businessmen making life difficult for the generality of the people.

Jonathan must be told in clear terms that no good boys are found in the war front where bombs are being thrown all over the place by ragtag fundamentalists.

Jonathan must wake up to the reality of the altruistic imperatives before him that Nigeria, a very complex nation, is now in dire need of a good leader to take firm and prompt decisions that please no particular tin god but offering welfare to the generality of the people.

“That form of government is best in which every man, whoever he is, can act best and live happily”- Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) Greek philosopher.


•Olapade Agoro (Aladura Patriarch) is National Chairman/former Presidential Candidate, National Action Council (NAC)

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