Flood Disrupts Operations At Eko Hospital


The two-day rainfall in Lagos has partly crippled operations at the high brow Eko Hospital, Ikeja, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

NAN reports that a section of the hospital’s perimeter fencing collapsed due to a deluge of flood water from a neighbouring car shop. The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gbite Ogunmokun told NAN that though the facility had standard drainage system, the flooding was caused by a deep hole in a nearby car shop that retained a lot of the rain water.

He lamented that this was the first time such an incident would occur in the hospital, adding that it has generally affected operations adversely.

Ogunmokun added that the flood damaged two vehicles parked in the hospital’s car park and affected its Radiotherapy Centre and the Fertility Clinic that were directly behind the broken fence.

“Two vehicles were damaged when the fence caved in, our Radiotherapy and Fertility Centres were heavily flooded and a building behind the hospital was also affected,” he said.

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Ogunmokun added that the affected centres had been cleaned out and no major damage was done to the equipment.

He, however, said that the generator stopped working when water entered it but technicians were working on it.

He added that the construction of new fences would commence on Tuesday so as to protect their properties from vandalism.

He said the management would reconstruct the fence in a much more solid way to guard against a recurrence. “We will ensure that everything is done to ensure that this incident does not occur again,” Ogunmokun assured.

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