Lagos Lawmakers In Intense Lobby For Chairmanship Of Committees


With the screening of cabinet members of the Governor Babatunde Fashola-led government of Lagos state over, the attention of the members of the Lagos state House of Assembly has shifted to the setting up of committees and who heads such committees.


P.M. NEWS learnt from both lawmakers and other sources within the House that some of the lawmakers have begun intense lobbying for the chairmanship position of some of the juicy committees.


In the last session of the state Assembly, the House had 33 committees among which were the Committee on Judiciary, which handled the bills passed by the House in that session, Committee on Science and Technology, Committee on Information, Security and Strategy, Committee on Commerce and Industry, Committee on Youth and Sports Development, Committee on Works and Infrastructure and the Committee on Education.


Among the ones which are seen to be juicy include the House Committee on Budget, Finance Committee, House Committee on Public Accounts (for State), House Committee on Public Account (for Local Government) and the Committee in charge of Local Government Councils.


Sources who spoke with P.M.NEWS said most of the lawmakers do not want to retain their previous committees that were no juicy.


Some of the lawmakers, according to the sources, also complained that they found it difficult working with ministries, agencies and parastatals, as well as stakeholders under their areas of oversight functions.


“My brother, I don’t want my previous committee again,” a lawmaker told our reporter this morning.


“In fact, I was only seen as the chairman of a committee in the last Assembly, but you won’t believe that it was a case of ‘monkey dey work, baboon dey chop’ and I was just there answering the title of chairman.


“What I want now is to be given a Committee where my work will be commensurate with what I get and not the other way round,” he added.


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Another lawmaker, who also pleaded anonymity, told our correspondent that he has been on the Speaker’s neck for a committee that would be beneficial to him and those who would work with him.


“I want a committee where I would be seen to be working and not just being at the background. It was one thing that almost marred my return to the House as a lawmaker.


“My constituents thought I did not make much mark at the House and it took me a lot of energy to convince them,” he said.


He also said he was not the only one lobbying the Speaker, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, to be appointed as Chairman of a juicy committee.


He added that there were lawmakers who do not need to lobby because of the respect they earn from the Speaker.


“These people would only be asked to choose before the other committees are shared among the other lawmakers. I also believe that these set of people earn our respect because of their roles in the continuous brotherly relationship that exists in the House,” he disclosed.


Some staff close to the Speaker, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, confirmed that lawmakers have been speaking with Ikuforiji to change their committees.


They said the committees would be announced soon by the Speaker.



—Eromosele Ebhomele

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