Shuga Limb Foundation Repositions


Polio surely chose the wrong victim several years ago when it struck the little Akin Tofowomo. The then polio stricken little boy has grown to become a walking man on a mission to eradicate limb deformity in Nigeria, through Shuga Limb Foundation (SLF), a non-profit foundation.

Tofowomo, the leader of classy and topmost music band, Shuga Band, is committed to individuals with limb defects. And despite its constant growing list of beneficiaries, Shuga Limb Foundation is yet to tire; rather, the foundation is being repositioned to serve people with limb challenges better.

Showbiz Trends learnt that to make the foundation more visible and better and easier for people to access its services, a new website has been designed. The foundation has also increased the number of its staff so as to increase its capacity for service.

Tofowomo, President of the Shuga Limb Foundation, speaks on the new developments: “Having once been unable to walk, I can easily relate with the pain of those in that state, more so, the joy that leaps from the eyes of the Shuga Limb Foundation beneficiaries, is highly satisfying. These reasons put together constantly motivate us to want to do more,” said Tofowomo popularly known as Akin Shuga.

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The foundation at the moment is being funded by a percentage of Shuga Band’s income, which obviously may not cater for all the foundation’s needs, but Tofowomo said, “getting people to support the foundation will be great, it will help us reach out to  more people and give more limb to the limbless, we are open to it.”

Founded in 2009, the core objectives of the foundation is to provide assistance to less privileged persons with limb defects, whose deformities can be orthopaedically managed with the use of  callipers and prosthesis. Beyond donating callipers and prosthesis to such persons, Shuga Limb Foundation goes further to rehabilitate and empowers beneficiaries through counselling and training.

—Funsho Arogundade

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