Graduating Lead-Forte Gate Pupils Leave With Mixed Feelings


As Lead-Forte Gate School once again turned out another set of pupils and students in their nursery, primary and college at her 10th graduation ceremony, some of the graduating students said they were leaving the school with mixed feelings.

The school’s head girl Munachi Ndulewe said all the days she spent in the school were so memorable that she could hardly believe that the journey of nine years had finally come to an end. “I want to thank my teachers, past and present, from my kindergarten years to year 6 for taking out their time and strength to educate me. I will miss you all dearly and never forget you,” Ndulewe who said.

She said would continue her secondary education at Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, adding that said her parents had been a pillar of support to her.

Advising her younger ones in school, she said, “I will like to give a piece of advice to those I am leaving behind. Two major secrets to happiness and success are first, fear of God and obedience to your parents and teachers with a strong belief in yourself and secondly, hardwork. If you have a dream you want to accomplish, you ought to be focused and work hard.”

Also speaking during the graduation, Omontuemhen Enosabor said the school is where he was made to realise that learning is not a bed of roses and the height great men attained was not achieved by a sudden flight.

“In the middle of last year, I knew that year 6 was around the corner, I was so excited, but when my 6th grade year really came, I realised that I really didn’t want to leave this school. This year has been a year of exploring new things and subjects, a year of making learning fun and asking questions nobody has ever heard before, a year of so many possibilities, this is a year I can never forget,” he said.

The school’s director, Yemi Lemo said the ceremony marked another milestone in the history of the school and the gathering is also to honour and reward a crop of young ones who have been baked well in the oven of education of Lead-Forte Gate School.

“Today we are sending out and promoting young granduands who have imbibed the culture of diligence, industry and moral probity that the school prides herself on,” she said.