Wife Battering Hubby Dragged To Court


A passport office worker, Mrs. Olubukola Moboluwaji has dragged her husband before the Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court, Lagos, seeking the dissolution of their nine-year old marriage, on claims that he beats her up and always disagrees with her mother.

Mrs. Olubukola also said she wants him out of the house because she built the house alone, without her husband’s assistance, and she takes care of the children by paying their fees and everything they lack.

She added that even when she is pregnant, she takes care of herself, by buying whatever she needs, and she does all these despite the fact that her husband has a job.

She told the court that her husband beats her a lot, to the extent that she lost three of her teeth.

The first time he started beating her, she disclosed, was the day he was beating their son, and she tried stopping him, and because of that, he gave her a slap.

The defendant, a bank worker, on the other hand, said his mother in-law doesn’t like him and he does not know the reason why, and anytime he greets her, she does not respond. He added: “I usually have problem with her anytime she buys things for my children, because if she does not like me, there is no way she can like my children. This is why I always warn her never to buy anything for my children.”

He added that he and his wife built the house together, and it has the name of both of them. He said: “I collected a loan of N180,000 from the bank, and I told my wife about it, and she told me we should buy a car. I told her we cannot be leaving in a boys’ quarter and buying a car, because the landlord will soon increase our rent. So, I told her it will be better to buy a land. She informed her mother who took us to a place where they are selling land. I do not know how it happened but my wife ended up buying the land. I bought the blocks and the tiles which was used in the house.”

After listening to both parties, the court president, E.B Shokunle adjourned the case to 20 July, 2011.


—Oghenetega Eriomala & Uzebu Christie

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