PPA Supports 6-Year Single Tenure For President, Govs.


Chief Sam Nkire, The National Chairman, Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), said on Tuesday in Abuja that he supported the proposal for a six-year single tenure for president and governors.

Nkire, who expressed the support in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) also proposed that lawmakers at the federal level should enjoy the same term

According to him, the business of legislation has become so lucrative that people can no longer permit a Senator to go for more than two terms.

“I will also suggest that members of a House of Assembly should not go for more than two terms of four years each,” Nkire said.

Nkire said the move would also encourage zoning of elective offices to make every part of a constituency have sense of belonging.

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“There is no experience you cannot get in eight years and I will rather suggest that members of state Houses of Assembly should be on part time.

But as long as they are not on part time, they should not do more than two terms of four years each,” suggested Nkire.

Nkire called for a reduction in the spending of governors to enable them to pay the minimum wage to workers.

“I think the minimum wage is something the governors can pay if they reduce what I have always called political spending.

“They should reduce the amount of money they take when travelling, placing adverts congratulating themselves and the amount they take as security votes,” he stated.

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