Immune Boosting Drug Launched


A new drug that significantly boost the human immune system to fight diseases has entered into the Nigerian pharmaceutical market.

The drug simply known as Qina is produced by Phend Phamaceuticals in South-Africa and marketed in Nigeria by Docbisi Investment Limited

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According to a statememt by the product marketers, “ Qina is an immune modulator that assist immune compromised patients. It does not present toxicity or side effects on patients. It has also undergone vigorous clinical trials both in vitro and in vivo, providing remarkable results in modulating the immune system”

The statement further said: “Qina can be used by any person who is suffering from a weakened immune system, whether caused by poor diet, bacteria or viral infections which includes tuberculosis, herpes B and C, herpes, zoster, pneumonia, flu, sinusitis and asthma.”

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