Boxers Ready For 'Standing Toe To Toe' Bouts


Nigeria professional boxers are fully ready to take part in the Standing Toe To Toe championship, which will take place on Sunday at the SSY Place, Agbado Road, Oke Aro, Lagos, Nigeria.

Secretary of the Nigeria Boxing Board of Control, NBB of C, Remi Aboderin, told Boxing in Focus that the bouts will produce their fair share of fireworks. .

Aboderin, who is also the Chairman of Freels & Threels promotions, disclosed that fans will have the privilege of watching five fights on the day from different categories with the main bout being a six-round featherweight challenge between Waidi Usman and Dare Oyewole.

Asked if the fights would affect the rankings of the boxers, Aboderin said it will, since the outcome of the fights will be placed on the internet for people to see.

“It is definitely going to do them a lot of good. If you lose it will be on record, as everybody will see it on the internet. This is unlike before when Nigerian boxers were not rated because they were not on the internet. As I am talking to you now, if you go to the internet you will see that this fight has already been advertised all over the world,” said Aboderin.

Speaking about the problem of security at sports venues in the country, Aboderin said that adequate measures will be taken to prevent street urchins from having a field day at the fight venue.

“We have told the boxers not to come to the venue with area boys. They don’t need area boys to fight their cause. The only people slugging it out should be the two boxers on the ring. It is not two villages fighting. This is the reason cameramen will be there to cover the fights. All our fights are now covered.

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“If there is any grievance after the fight, the NBB of C is there to look into it. The board will look into the matter and will give everybody a level playing field,” said the Secretary.

Aboderin, however, said that for sports in the country to be at par with what we have in other climes, it should not be left in the hands of sportsmen and sports administrators alone. According to him, all stakeholders must work together to take sports out of its present quagmire in the country.

“It is a collective effort and all the stakeholders must be ready to contribute. The media also has a big part to play. The media must partner with all sports. We must remember that football is not the only sport in Nigeria,” Aboderin said.

Asked to comment on the present role of government in sports and how the government can contribute to the development of sports, he said government needs to do everything within its power to encourage sports in the country.

“Government needs to do more in sports development. I appreciate the effort of the Lagos Amateur Boxing Association, led by Mr. Wale Edun for its support for the Sunday’s Standing Toe To Toe boxing contest. The government also has a very big part to play for sports to develop in the country.

“If the government is really serious about reducing crimes in the country, it needs to invest in Nigerian youths. The youths should be given the privilege to use their strength by participating in sports. If they are fully engaged in sports, they will think less of crimes,” Aboderin said.