King Ogbodo Plans New Single


Fast-rising singer/rapper, King Oogbodo, is set to drop his latest singles, Mo Ti De, Ife Ikeja, Ere Ife and the Ibo, Hausa and Yoruba versions of his acclaimed smash hit, Swagga 4 Jesus.

Oogbodo, whose debut album, Carry Your Own Cross, was released in January this year, said he will soon release the new songs because, according to him, there isn’t anything like too much promotion, adding this will not affect the sale of his album.

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Speaking further, he revealed that the new songs are going to be part of his new album, Swagga 4 Jesus, scheduled to be dropped very soon.

“The demand for Swagga 4 Jesus is such that we have to drop an album dedicated to it, unlike Carry Your Own Cross, my debut album, that had only the original version of Swagga 4 Jesus in it. The Swagga 4 Jesus special album will have all the new versions of Swagga 4 Jesus as well as Mo Ti De, Ife Ikeja, Baby Pamela and Birthday Song,” he disclosed.