Men And Nude Clubs




There is no disputing the fact that men, no matter how spiritual they claim to be, are visually oriented. To get a woman, just get her continuously engaged in a discussion for some time; if she goes on listening to you, you will have her. But they say, and it is true, that women are stronger than men when it comes to emotional matters. This is because it takes just a little effort on the part of the woman to get a man.

Great men have continuously fallen by just the sight of a beautiful lady. This is true even when I know you are not in total agreement with me. Men are moved by sight and this is one major reason nude clubs are flourishing in Nigeria.

Sometime last year, the Lagos State government under the leadership of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, embarked on mass closure of all nude clubs in Lagos State. Many people condemned this action, and even when they regained their freedom after a short while, it was something commendable. I know it was going to help a lot of homes.

It won’t be easy deciding to close down these nude clubs because majority of their patrons are those in high places. Some men are so into it that they can no longer end their day without paying them (the nude clubs) a visit.

A friend told me how he saw a very old man in his 80s laughing out so loud that people there saw him as a fool. To his amazement, the man’s son was seated right beside him. This is what our country has suddenly turned to; immorality is now seen as civilization.

What will make a married man leave his office or house to go and see some naked girls? You do this on a daily basis without seeing anything wrong in it. I stand to be corrected, but I can authoritatively say that anyone who runs such a business is not responsible.

You are looking at it from the angle of money making; have you looked at it the way children and women look at it? Have you sat down to think of the uncountable number of homes you have destroyed? Have you taken some time out to think about children with tears on their eyes and broken hearts because their father virtually lives in your nude club? Have you thought about the young girls wasting away because you pay them to abuse their body before some group of useless men? You are running the business and making your money; I hope you live to enjoy the fruits of your business.

Let us look at some of the negative effects of these nude clubs on the society. There is so much moral decay in our society today that we now call evil enjoyment. When men go to nude clubs and see young girls with their boobs intact and some of them with Beyonce kind of bum, what do you think becomes the reaction of the man after?

There is every possibility of the man picking up a girl either from the club or on his way out. He may not have it in mind, but nature remains powerful. There is no way you can go in there and come out with your nerves at peace.

When those nerves down there get aroused by you, you must do any of these three things:

•Pick up a prostitute or any available girl on your way out


•Get home late to wake up your tired wife for sex.

When you get yourself to the level of picking up call girls on the road, then you have a very big problem. But can you really avoid this? The moment you form the habit of visiting those nude clubs, you begin to see girls as nothing but play toys. This makes you feel there is no need for an intimate relationship with a woman when you can actually get a quickie. This marks the beginning of the end.

Masturbation is another negative effect of this kind of patronage. If you are too decent not to pick a girl on your way out, the whole video begins to play in your subconscious after you might have left the place. You will lose control of your mind that you begin to play with yourself while fantasizing. And you know the negative effects of masturbation. If you don’t know, please ask those who were into it or better still look for my article-Men and Masturbation.

You don’t get home till 2am because of naked girls. The poor woman slept off after a long wait. The next thing you do is to wake her up for sex when you know she must wake up early the next day to get the kids ready for school and then go to work. The most painful part of this is that you are having sex with her with the picture of another woman, the stripper, in your mind. How I wish the woman understands what you now call her— a sex toy.

Another negative effect of your visit to nude clubs is that it gradually takes you away from your loved ones. How do you think your children feel having daddy come home very late at night when they are fast asleep? What role has your visit to those naked girls played in your relationship with your children? Your wife is now in perpetual pain because she has suddenly become a widow while her husband is alive.

You are gradually destroying your home. Your children and wife are being pushed far away from you. I hope you don’t stand to complain when it’s already too late. Remember, you will not remain young and vibrant forever. A day will come when you start looking for them and crying out in pain for their companionship, but they will be nowhere close to you because you created the part they are following. They will soon get used to living without you.Think again and make amends before it becomes too late for you.

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