Owoiya Declares War On Odion


One of the boxers expected to slug it out at the eagerly-awaited Standing Toe To Toe boxing bouts, Ghana-based Kazeem Owoiya, has promised Felix Odion a tough time when they confront each other on Sunday at SSY Place, Agbado Road, Oke Aro, Lagos.

In a chat with Boxing in Focus, Owoiya boasted that there will be no hiding place for his opponent come Sunday.

“I promise to give my fans a superb performance on Sunday. I want to progress in my career. So it is important that I beat Odion in that fight. This fight will give me the opportunity to showcase my talent. Boxing is in my blood. It is what I like doing. That is why I always put in my best any time I am on the ring,” Owoiya said.

Odion faces a stern test as he goes toe to toe with Owoiya in a six-round bout in the bantamweight category.

Owoiya, who said he admires the five-weight world champion, Manny Pacquiao, as a role model, vowed to outpunch his opponent, saying that defeating Odion on Sunday will give him much confidence to forge ahead in his boxing career.

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Asked why he relocated to Ghana, the hitman said that the atmosphere in the West African country is very conducive for athletes to improve and there are enough sports equipment to boost athletes’ training.

“You cannot compare boxing in Nigeria with what they have in Ghana. The environment in Ghana is very conducive for sportsmen to develop and there are enough sports equipment available for athletes to train with,” Owoiya said.

Commenting on his future plans, the boxer said his plan is to become a great boxer and become victorious on Sunday in the Standing Toe To Toe bouts.

“Although I wish to go for a titled fight someday, my first priority at the moment is to win my fight on Sunday. Then I will think of what to do next,” he said.