I Don't Know How I Married My Hubby, Wife Tells Court


A Lagos housewife, Mrs. Rokiba Sanni seeking dissolution of her marriage has told an Iyana Ipaja Grade ‘B’ Customary Court, Lagos that she didn’t know how she married her husband, Alhaji Kelani Sanni.

Mrs. Sanni, 29 said she was no longer interested in the union because she didn’t know how she got married and how she moved into her husband’s house.

“After living apart for some years, he called me on phone to come to the bank because he wanted to open an account for our daughter.

“He said I should come along with my passport photograph because the officials demanded for it in the bank. Out of curiosity, I asked one of the customer service officials in the bank if it was necessary for my passport photograph to be attached along with that of my daughter but I was told that it wasn’t needed.

“My husband kept pestering me for my passport photograph but I refused to give him,” she stated and begged the court to warn her husband to stop pestering her for her passport photograph.

Responding to the allegations, Alhaji Sanni explained that the petitioner was the one who came to him on 17 August, 2008, saying that she loved him.

“She said I will be able to take care of her and also nicknamed me Baba 90.

“I visited her father and 10 other members of her family when I realized she was pregnant for me. I did not meet her mother because I was told she wasn’t in talking terms with her.

“It was after she delivered the child that she moved into my apartment because her father didn’t want her to come back to his house with the new baby. That was how she got into my house.

“For five months, we were doing very well until I got her a shop and she refused to move in.

“She complained of not having enough money to buy items,” he responded.

On the passport photograph he demanded from her, he explained that it was his account officer at the bank who advised that photographs of both parents should be affixed to the application to open an account for their daughter. “That was why I asked for her passport,” he added.

The President of the court, Mrs Olatunji ordered the petitioner not to give her passport photograph to the respondent and adjourned the case till 3 August.

—Omolabake Oguntade