Kazeem Owoiya Seeks Rematch With Taofik


An upcoming Nigerian boxer, Kazeem Owoiya, has vowed to seek for a rematch against Razak Taofik in the nearest future.

Owoiya made the declaration last Sunday in a chat with Boxing In Focus after his defeat to Taofik at the Standing Toe To Toe boxing bouts held at SSY Place, Oke Aro, Lagos.

According to the Ghana- based boxer, his next clash with Taofik will not be business as usual since he is going to get his pound of flesh from the fiery boxer.

“I am going for a rematch and it will not be business as usual the next time we meet. I will surely get tmad with him the next time we fight. I just want him to know our next meeting shall be tough,” said Owoiya.

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Speaking about his defeat, Owoiya claimed that he lost the tension-soaked bout because he was not expecting to fight Taofik at the tournament.

“I was not supposed to fight against Taofik. He was not supposed to be my opponent. I was supposed to fight Felix Odion. Besides, Taofik’s weight is bigger than mine. He is in the featherweight category, while I am in the bantamweight,” said the hitman.

However, Owoiya has frowned at the dearth of spectators which is common at venues of boxing events in the country.

“It is sad that people don’t watch boxing bouts in Nigeria. It is not like this in other countries. I don’t know why it is a different story in Nigeria. We need to do something very fast so that this does not ruin boxing in the country,” said Owoiya.

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