Teacher, Widow Tango In 'Supermom'


In what promises to be an exciting tango, a class teacher, Cecil Odunaiya and widow, Patience Chioma, have been pitted against each other in the Supermom reality television show which began airing last weekend.

While the first episode was devoted to a review of last year’s show and a recap of promotional activities for this year’s edition, the second episode signalled the actual commencement of Supermom 2, aired on the Nigerian Television Authority network on Saturdays and Africa Independent Television on Sundays.

The story of two exceptional mothers whose sacrifices form the bedrock of their children’s success in life will be the focus of this episode.

In order to put food on the table and send her children to school, the 50-year old widow did all sorts of menial jobs to supplement her meagre pay and make ends meet for her young family.

Things were rough and tough and there were days when the family went without food. How did she cope? How did her children fare during these turbulent times? All these would be answered in the second episode of Supermom.

For the 55-year old teacher, Cecilia Odunaiya, life and living should have taken a more beautiful and positive turnaround when her husband was made Rector of the Lagos State Polytechnic, but alas, her life took a turn for the worse and harrowing when the man died just few days after the appointment.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she was involved in an accident which affected her legs and those of the eight-month pregnancy she was carrying.

Although born normally, the baby wasn’t able to walk properly even at age four and for the comfort of the poor little girl, she took the pains to back her everywhere she went, taking the jeers and jests in her strides just to make her child happy against all odds.

How she lived through this ordeal without the backing of her husband is what ardent television buffs and keen followers of the Supermom show will see this weekend.

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