Court Breaks Policeman's Marriage


An Agege customary court, Lagos State has dissolved the marriage of a policeman and advised him to look for accommodation for his estranged wife.

The policeman, Mr. Irewole Oluwasesan, who filed a petition seeking the dissolution of his marriage on grounds of adultery, however, refused to accept the latter part of the court’s ruling, calling on him to find accommodation for his former wife and kids.

Before dissolving the marriage, the president of the court, Emmanuel Shokunle, gave the couple ample time to resolve their differences but all to no avail.

The petitioner had alleged in his petition that his wife, Evelyn, was untrustworthy. “I have investigated her infidelity and she confessed to me,” he stated.

The petitioner urged the court to grant him custody of the children of the marriage so that he could send them to a boarding school. He added that the children had not been going to school since the beginning of the case.

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Responding to the allegations, Evelyn denied them all and accused the petitioner of treating her unjustly. “He has not visited his children since he sent us packing,“ she added.

In his ruling, the president of the court rejected the petitioner’s move to send the children to a boarding school because they were too young.

He called on him to get an accommodation for them.

The petitioner rejected it outright, saying: “She has the same right with her sister to live in her father’s house. Since she is not the first, she is not having accommodation problem.” The court warned him to obey the ruling, adding that violation would lead to contempt of court and sanctioning.

—Oghenetega Eriomala

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