LASPAA Ready To Counter Promoters' Propaganda


President of Lagos State Pools Agents Association, LASPAA, Major Sammy Ogunyebo (retd.), has declared that the association will not relent in its effort to see that the crusade to sanity it has spearheaded is seen to a logical end.

Major Ogunyebo told P.M.NEWS that the association is aware of the antics of the pools promoters to misinform the staking public of the existing law that governs the business in the state with the new odds of 1-12 full payment they plan to operate in the new English Season.

According to Sammy, “the promoters have misinformed the public that Lagos State Board of Inland Revenue, LIRS has approved 1-12 odds for them, but my visit to the Board Secretary of the LIRS, Mr. Bisi Alli, revealed that the promoters are lying.

“Mr. Alli told me that the LIRS did not approve anything about odds payment for the promoters. He told me that until the tripartite meeting between government officials, representative of the promoters and agents is held, the status quo of 1-14 full odds payment and no commission to stakers must be strictly adhere to. I was surprised that promoters could throw caution to the dustbin and mislead the general public with their obnoxious odds payment.”

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Major Sammy assured members of the association which are up to 25,000 in the state to disregard promoters’ publication and wait for the directive of his association.

“My members should know that LASPAA still stands on the proposal we sent to Governor Raji Fashola, where we demand strict compliance to the 1986 Edict on Pools, no commission to stakers and we want all betting shops to come under the control of the pools agents association. We won’t be intimidated by anybody and we won’t allow some outsiders who want to kill pools for lotto to flourish in the state.

“I’m happy that officials of the state government at the LIRS are aware of the implication of yielding to the selfish demand of the promoters,” he said.

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