Students Urged To Learn Foreign Languages


Nigerian students have been advised to learn, at least, one foreign language because of its numerous benefits and advantages to their chosen professions.

The Human Resource Manager of Cambridge College and author of a French magazine, La Voix, Mr. Augustine Fayemi, gave the advice during the official launch of the magazine recently.

Fayemi said learning a foreign language would open doors of opportunities to a man irrespective of family and educational background, adding that it would create employment for young school leavers as their employers may not understand English language.

According to him, “foreign language can make one work in an embassy, be engaged as a foreign language teacher or an interpreter and gaining employment opportunity in international and multinational organisations.”

Fayemi appealed to governments at all levels to make policies that would create conducive environment for students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to learn a foreign language such as French, Spanish and Portuguese, etc.

“It may not equate with the official language but it must also be given much consideration as it also serves as a means of communicating with other people either for transaction, education or trade relations between one or more country,” he said.

—Paul Sanusi & Ibrahim Bakare

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