Kidz Star Show Debuts


If there’s anything that featured prominently in the entertainment industry of Nigeria in the last decade, that’s definitely the proliferation of reality TV shows with various facets of the entertainment industry as platform for expressions and discovery.

The decade has seen various talented people discovered and celebrated in music, fashion and movies world, all contributing their own experience to showcasing the numerous talents that abound in Nigeria. Unfortunately, as much as many of these talent shows have been patronised by people and enjoyed by the whole family or targeted audience, none has been targeted or created towards the younger class of the family, the kids.

None has also been conceptualised to explore, celebrate and discover the talents that abound in Nigerian kids. To fill this void, De Peters Kidz Voice Nigeria Limited is organising a Kidz Show, which is intended to be shared with children and designed to provide a safe, dedicated area for children where they can express themselves, meet other kids and enjoy what they love doing.

“The gift of imagination that children possess must be nurtured carefully if they are to become creative leaders of the future,” the organisers said, adding, “it’s never too early to begin imagination and encourage singing. It’s a powerful way of developing social skills. Singing makes an excellent starting point.”

The Bridgette Peters-led outfit will be partnering with Adeyinka Oduniyi’s Audio Visual First Limited, a production outfit that has its core competence in marketing communications.

P.M. Entertainment gathered that Kidz Star Show is an hourly family musical talent show for kids between ages seven to 15. The show spanning 13 weeks will take selected kids through musical training and tasks to bring out the best in the kids, crown the champion and subtly celebrate working relationship between parents and their wards as parents of selected kids will be inculcated involved in the show. Auditions and live shows will be held in Lagos and it is definitely going to be a chance to develop a sense of self confidence for the child in an increasingly complex society.

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