Behold The Conman And The Bloody Liar Called Al-Mustapha —Joe Igbokwe


In the past few days, the notorious criminal and serial killer Hamza Al-Mustapha has been taking advantage of his defense at the Lagos High Court to cast aspersions on the revered and well-celebrated Yoruba leaders including the late Chief Abraham Adesanya and Chief Bola Ige. In the past two weeks or so we have seen the conman being celebrated on the pages of our most valued newspapers and magazines as if Al-Mustapha is a hero of some sort. Even on the internet, I read with utmost disgust the usual rofo-rofo fight between the Igbo and Yoruba on Al-Mustapha’s gaffe and I heard my people calling Yoruba leaders names. I also listened to the two OPC factional leaders celebrating Al-Mustapha’s cock and bull story as if they do not know Chief Bola Ige and Chief Abraham Adesanya and I shouted oro pe si je! For almost nine years IBB could not bribe these committed Yoruba leaders. For five years, Abacha could not bribe Yoruba leaders. For almost one year Shonekan could not bribe his tribesmen to support his illegal interim government. For nine months Abdul Salami Abubakar was there, was he able to bribe these bonafide Yoruba leaders?

Was the bribe collected before Abiola’s death or after? Bola Ige and Chief Adesanya I know were not people you can bribe especially when the powers that be had cut off the head of the Yoruba nation by killing one of their brightest and best, Chief Abiola for winning an election in a nation that belongs to all of us. After the killing of Abiola, Chief Bola Ige told me in Ibadan that it was God that moved them out of Abuja before the deed was done. He told me that those who killed Abiola wanted them (the Yoruba leaders) to be in Abuja to look as if they were part of the deal to eliminate Chief Abiola.

Former President Obasanjo could not bribe Chief Bola Ige to join PDP or to sell AD to PDP. When Bola Ige in his elements tendered his resignation paper as Attorney General of the Federation to go and prepare his party for 2003 elections, the nest of killers in PDP struck. What of Chief Abraham Adesanya? This great man could not visit Abuja to felicitate with his daughter who was a Minister then for almost four years.

I have worked closely with some prominent Yoruba leaders for close to 25 years and I do not think we are being fair to them when we buy hook, line and sinker the tales being told by a known idiot and serial killer. Al-Mustapha must be a magician or dreamer or both to think he can manipulate the court process and draw sympathy from Nigerians with such a stupid story.

The questions the courts and Nigerians should put to Al-Mustapha are: who killed Kudirat Abiola? Who killed Chief Alfred Rewane, Mr. Onagoruwa, Suliat Adedeji, Admiral Elegbede, Admiral Omotosho, Bagauda Kaltho and so many others between 1993 and 1998? Sergeant Jabila Rogers has told the world all the stories about Al-Mustapha and his killer gang and we do not need to go too far to find the truth.

Al-Mustapha was a common Major in the Army who nearly used his undeserved position as Abacha CSO to destroy the Armed Forces of Nigeria. Here is the story of the serial killer who will invite Generals in the Army to Aso Rock and keep them waiting for two days or more just to humiliate them. Here is an arrogant Major in the Army who was made a CSO based on ethnic sentiments and hate, who used the machinery of an illegal and illegitimate government to torment and kill even his superiors. Here is an arrogant loud mouth who used his undeserved and unmerited position to determine who must die and who must live in Nigeria then. Al-Mustapha must have killed more than 100 people in Lagos alone.

Only a fool in Yoruba land or any other place for that matter in Nigeria will believe Al-Mustapha’s terrible and blatant lies. It is shear naivety or ignorance or both for Dr Fredrick Faseun and Ganiyu Adams to deceive the world by suggesting that Al-Mustapha is telling the truth. Al-Mustapha was the Major that tortured Chief Abiola, destroyed his business empire, and killed his wife. He planned and moved Chief Abiola to detention centers on rickety vehicle and on bumpy roads just to break the man’s spirit. Chief Abiola told us so.

Now, we must stop this nonsense. I have been following the stories in the past few weeks and what I keep on asking myself is whether we have forgotten the events between 1993 and 1998 so soon. Al-Mustapha is no friend of Chief Abiola or Yoruba nation. Those who allow his useless stories to grace the front of Newspapers and magazines must run away from these acidic and poisonous stories. Those who troop to the Lagos High Courts to listen to the high profile criminal and serial killer must go and engage themselves to something meaningful and ignore the madman called Al-Mustapha. This morning I saw a front page story titled: Fresh Revelations: Anxiety Over Al-Mustapha’s safety, as former CSO Vows More Shocking disclosures. What disclosures if I may ask? We are just celebrating one of the idiots that put Nigeria where it is today. Al-Mustapha’s dangerous effusions can make meaning to anybody, but not this writer. I know the history of this country very well since 1985 and nobody can deceive me. Al-Mustapha can cajole others but not me. He is a serial murderer, a clown, a joker, an imposter, a deranged wicked man.


•Igbokwe is Publicity Secretary of ACN, Lagos State

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