Well Done, Dr. H.O. Demuren!


In the aviation industry, Dr. Harold Olusegun Demuren, an aeronautical engineer and Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, deserves commendation for his modest achievements since he came on board , while other managers in the sector must wake up and work.


On 25 July, Demuren, unveiled a roadmap for satellite navigation in the country’s airspace known as PBN. Satellite-based navigation boosts efficiency in aircraft trajectory and increases airspace capacity. It also enables reduction in aircraft fuel consumption, improves air safety and eliminates flight delays and cancellations.


Nigeria’s airspace is under the supervision of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA. But the project had been stalled for close to a decade until Demuren stepped in and began work. NAMA is headed by Mr. Nnamdi Udoh.


Some weeks ago, Demuren was meeting with stakeholders in the industry to seek the reduction of Jet A1 as aviation fuel is known. The price of the aviation fuel has skyrocketed over the past few months and as a result airline operators hiked air fares by over 25 percent.


The duty of how to bring down the price of Jet A1 in Nigeria is usually the responsibility of the Ministry of Aviation. But Demuren could not wait as airlines struggled to stay in the skies and passengers agonised over fares hike.


Just recently, Demuren met again with airline operators to reduce air fares which became out of reach of most air travellers.


Last year, Demuren led the Nigerian Aviation Industry to attain American Federal Aviation Administration International Aviation Safety Assessments (FAA IASA) Category One Certification. With that certification, Nigerian planes now fly directly to the United States.


Analysts in the sector also attribute the few number of plane crashes in the country to Demuren who always insists that airlines must comply with all safety regulations.


What makes Demuren stands out among other managers in the sector, however, is not his solid education background, but his willingness to make things work. His openness, sincerity and passion for the job.


While we commend Demuren for work well done and expect even more work from him, we call on others who are equally collecting huge salaries and allowances but are giving back so little to sit up and work.


Nigeria can only attain genuine development if those who are saddled with the responsibility to man critical sectors of the economy justify the trust reposed in them.

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