Nissan NV 200 To Be Rebadged


The OEM partnership between Mitsubishi and Nissan appears to be growing even further as Mitsubishi is set to take yet another vehicle from Nissan into its model line-up for the domestic market.

Thus far, under the existing OEM agreements with Nissan, Mitsubishi is selling the AD commercial vehicle under its badge, while supplying its eK Wagon and other mini-vehicles, according to reports. Already, both companies have set up a joint venture to develop mini-cars for the market, with operations having begun in June.

Now, Mitsubishi is set to add Nissan’s NV200 van to the list and plans to start selling the 1.6 litre-class vehicle as the Delica D:3 sometime from the end of October, and it’s hoping to shift 5,000 units for the initial year.

The company is also mulling over getting a luxury sedan like the Teana to sell under its own brand. Having considerably trimmed its model line-up, 60% of Mitsubishi’s domestic sales are now made up of mini-vehicles, and the reports add that procuring more models from Nissan will allow the company to feature a more balanced product range without increasing its R&D spending.

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