'Red House Seven' Premieres Tonight


The lingering season of movie premieres will unveil another classic this evening, as a couple of young, well-trained Nigerian film makers from the Diaspora premiere a boarding school adventure film entitled Red House Seven at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki in Lagos.

The premiere will start with a red carpet reception that will feature a rich blend of razzmatazz, comedy, music, fun and classy relaxation to wrap up a well completed week with an exciting weekend starter.

It is going to be lots of fun with the boisterous stand-up comedian, Jedi, as the host, while the likes of Uche Jombo from Nollywood will star the soiree alongside music raves including El Dee, Sasha, Ikechukwu and Don Jazzy, who breezed into town from his new base in the US earlier this week.

Red House Seven, co-produced and directed by Olufemi D. Ogunsanwo and Udoka Onyeka, is shot mostly in Nigeria, just as its cast boasts of a new set of talented actors and actresses.

It is spiced by a cameo role played by the veteran thespian, Norbert Young, while the story is a narration of the classic life of boarding school adventures revolving around TJ with six of his friends, Rolly-D, Chiedu, UK, Tokunbo, Femi and James, while in Junior Secondary class 1 (7th grade).

The boys are initially shocked by all the hoops they have to jump in order to survive teachers, prefects, wicked seniors, dining hall food, cutting grass, washing toilets, puppy love and all the other regular experiences anyone in a public Nigerian boarding school would experience.

But when TJ and the boys accidentally see a man and two female students in an uncompromising position, what they do with that information is not their only problem in school, but the resulting scandal would change their lives far beyond their wildest dreams.

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