ABC Scandal: 24 Journalists, 60 Others Abandoned At Gwagwalada!


In what could be described a show of shame, a luxury bus belonging to ABC Transport Company, today abandoned 24 journalists and over 60 other passengers at Gwagwalada, a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, instead of conveying them to Zaria, Kaduna State, their destination.


The journalists are on an official engagement Zaria and had collectively paid N250,000 for a return trip from Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, but were dumped at Gwagwalada after a 14-hour trip from Lagos to Abuja.


While still in the bus, the passengers were informed that another bus at Gwagwalada would convey them to Zaria, but were abandoned on getting there.


The passengers were stranded in the rain as ABC officials abandoned their office.


When contacted, the Managing Director of ABC, Mr. Frank Nneji, claimed that he was going to look into the matter.


By Simon Ateba/Abuja

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