Patience Jonathan’s Fake Aide Arrested


The State House Security has arrested a woman, Mrs Nnenna Anamuwa, for parading herself as an aide to the First Lady, Dame Jonathan.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Anamuwa was arrested on Tuesday at the point of signing employment letters for nine people at the Nigeria Customs Service headquarters.

Speaking to newsmen, Anamuwa refuted the allegation saying: “I am not guilty of anything. I met a man named Fred Adu who introduced himself to me as a younger brother to the First Lady during a function at the banquet hall last year.

“He promised to help secure employment for some people and I gave him nine names. We, however, lost contact in March because I was hospitalised and in the process, lost my phone.

“I came looking for him here (at the state house) thrice but was told there was no Fred. I did not collect money from them as claimed but they offered me N450,000. I have helped other people get jobs but not through Fred,” she said.

Anamuwa, whose I.D card reads Nnenna Kalu Ibe, said she had served as the Personal Assistant to a former Senator in the National Assembly from 2003 to 2011.

NAN spoke with two of the victims, a man and a lady, who countered her claims, saying they were instrumental to tricking her to the customs headquarters when they got wind of her “fraudulent acts”.

Speaking anonymously, the man said: “I knew Mrs Anamuwa through a friend in Rivers State. She promised to get me a job and said I should pay N50,000 into her account in May.

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“We were called by the customs headquarters that we had secured jobs; when we got there we were asked to bring the aide who submitted our names.

“We called her that the employment letters were ready and it was after signing the receipt copy that the SSS arrested her.”

The lady said: “I did my youth service in the National Assembly and that was how I met her (Anamuwa). She said she was now an aide to the First Lady.

“She requested for N100,000 which I paid into her account in May. I’m not happy about this whole thing and I advise other applicants to be wary of situations like this.”

The Special Assistant (Media) to the First Lady, Mr Ayo Osinlu, confirmed the incident and told newsmen: “We gathered that some people were parading themselves as aides to the First Lady and issued a disclaimer on July 27.”

“This arrest shows that the evidence which led to the disclaimer was not a false alarm.

“We wish to re-emphasis e the original disclaimer that certain people were parading themselves as aides to Her Excellency and state clearly that the First Lady has not mandated anyone to carry out activities on her behalf.”

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