The Dangerous Script To Set Al-Mustapha Free —Joe Igbokwe


Anybody can be deceived by the well-prepared and well planned script of the notorious conman and serial killer, Al-Mustapha in the past few days just to get undeserved attention but I am not. I wrote the Book; Heroes of Democracy in 1999 and everything anybody needs to know about the lost years from 1985 to 1998 is well-documented for history and generations yet unborn. The Heroes of the renascent democracy we enjoy today were clearly identified as well as the enemies of democracy who are still ravaging the political landscape and calling the bluff of all us.

The game plan is to use the platform of the Lagos High Court and the presence of Nigeria’s huge media industry to raise wild allegations against the Heroes of the Yoruba Nation living or dead and the Media will simply go for it to sell their papers. The factional leaders of OPC, Chief Ganiyu Adams and Dr. Frederick Fasheun who have lost focus and ideas will lend credence to the spurious claims and unpardonable lies of Al-Mustapha having been motivated or purchased to do so. Before you say Jack Robinson, the whole nation will be awash with the news of Al-Mustapha’s gambit. Consequently, the hidden persuaders will begin to call for Al-Mustapha’s release. But this is a familiar road and we understand the game very well.

While I admit that we have been wasting the precious gift of time to conclude this case, let me warn that those of us who were part of the struggle for democracy in Nigeria will resist every attempt to pervert justice in this case.

It is a well-known fact that Al-Mustapha used his undeserved position as Abacha’s CSO to coordinate a clinical and well-designed plot to decimate the Yoruba nation and their first class leaders for standing up for June 12, 1993 presidential election won by their great son, Chief Moshood Abiola. At a time in the history of this country, all Yoruba leaders were either in exile or in prison custody courtesy of Al-Mustapha and the forty thieves.

The late Chief Bola Ige told me that when all their evil machinations to provoke the Yoruba nation to war through deliberate and programmed incarceration of Chief Abiola and other Yoruba leaders failed, Al-Mustapha figured that the only way to achieve their diabolical desires is to kill Kudirat Abiola. Al-Mustapha and his partners in this heinous crime believed that the brutal killing will sufficiently provoke Yoruba to war and this will provide them with the ample opportunity to destroy Lagos within 12 hours. Those who can remember events vividly should not forget that it was the then Minister of Works , Major General Katangora who said in the peak of the crisis that Lagos will be destroyed within 12 hours if they so wish.

Today I hear that some purchased youths went to the Lagos High Court to ask for Al-Mustapha’s release. This is not only an absurdity but an attempt to render nugatory our judicial process and consequently pervert the course of justice. Impunity has become a way of life in Nigeria and we are all the biggest losers. If Al-Mustapha and his gang, Ganiyu Adams and Dr. Fasheun continue to tell us that Chief Bola Ige and Chief Abraham Adesanya collected bribe to betray the struggle, then those who know the truth must speak out now. We have told those who care to listen that Al-Mustapha is no friend of Chief M.K.O Abiola or the Yoruba nation. If Al-Mustapha and company had their way, they would have wiped out the Yoruba nation as a result of greed, petty jealousy and envy. I enjoin those in the army, navy, air force, and the police, etc, who know about Al-Mustapha’s heinous crimes to speak out. Evil triumphs in every society when good men and those who know the truth do nothing. The late Dr. Nwafor Orizu taught me that the offended are not always so heartless to forgive but the problem is that the offenders cannot repent.

Al-Mustapha was Abacha’s hatchet heartless liquidator. He called the shots and the world was at his feet. He decided those who must live and those who must die. He must have killed more than 200 people to sustain Abacha for 5 years in office. Other Nigerians may not know Al-Mustapha, but we know him very well.

The world must know that it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt through Sergeant Roger’s empirical evidence that Al-Mustapha gave him guns and money to kill Alhaja Kudirat Abiola to provoke Yoruba to war so that they can destroy Lagos. No power in the tongue of any man born of a woman can change this obvious and painful truth. And as we toy with this weighty case, let us not forget that Kudirat was killed, Chief Abiola was killed and his huge business empire destroyed by Al-Mustapha and company.

Let us remember the children left behind by Chief Abiola and Kudirat. They are watching us and the world is watching us also. If a writer is silent, he is lying!

•Joe Igbokwe writes from Lagos

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