Chieftain Lambasts Politicians


A Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chieftain in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, Chief Olayinka Amos, has lambasted Nigeria politicians, saying they are the ones responsible for the dilapidated structure of the country.

Chief Amos said this during a chat with Political Platform, while his opinion was sought on the nomination of the former Finance Minister, Aganga Williams, as the minister representing the state for a second time.

He said,”As far as I’m concerned, I don’t believe politicians should represent Lagos. If you want results, you bring in a technocrats. If you put a politician in position, he believes he has been spending his money all along and it is time to recoup his investment, and that is why the country is not moving forward.

“I don’t believe in the idea of putting politicians in decision making positions. Nigeria politicians are ‘chop chop politicians.’ Instead of service to the nation, its service to their pockets and it does not augur well for the country. Nigerian roads are in terrible conditions and these are caused by the so-called politicians. They messed up everything.

“If you bring somebody from abroad, you know his experience is so diverse that when he gets here, he knows what to do because of where he’s coming from. He knows how the place looks like unlike when you bring a politician from the gutter, who has been living in the gutter, he believes everything should look like gutter and that is what is happening in the country.

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“The earlier we started changing this mentality, the better for the country because the people are getting restless.” he averred.

Speaking on the forthcoming local government election in the state, he said his party is already preparing to participate fully in the exercise.

“ACN has been deceiving the people all these while. If you go to the local governments, you will find out that everywhere is in tatters. It is only the state roads that are been managed well. A situation whereby you manage state roads as if the local government didn’t belong to the state is not okay.

“This is why it is imperative to put another party in power, allow another party to come in and Lagosians will see the difference. Right now, they have not been allowed to see the difference and that is why the whole thing has been upside down at the grassroots level.

“Definitely, by the grace of Lagosians, PDP will wrest power from the ACN. Man proposes God disposes. It is the people themselves that will determine the type of government they want. Once Lagosians say it is PDP they want, definitely it is going to happen,” he noted.

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