Discuss Your Differences In Private, Mantu urges OBJ,IBB


Former Senate Deputy President, Senator Nasiru Mantu today advised former President Olusegun Obasanjo and ex-military President Ibrahim Babangida to discuss their differences in private rather than coming to the open to call themselves names.

Mantu who was fielding questions from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, said Nigerians were not happy with the ongoing misunderstanding between the two former presidents of the country.

“It is most unfortunate that elder statesmen like them will reduce themselves to the level of ordinary street people. They are in their own right, leaders; and as leaders they are supposed to be role models to younger and aspiring leaders.

“It is most unfortunate that they decided to go to town with whatever views they have about themselves and I think that as much as possible this should be discouraged because we look up to them as people who have actually contributed immensely to the development of our nation and whatever their differences may be, I think they should discuss it in private rather than coming to the open market to call themselves names.

“I will like to say that other leaders should not follow suit,” he stated.

Mantu also said ongoing debate on a single tenure of six years for presidents and governors as advocated by President Goodluck Jonathan, was a welcome development.

“It has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depend from which angle you are looking at it.”

He said that the six-year single term would favour those advocating for rotational presidency among the geo-political zones of the country as it would make the rotation faster and the waiting time for other zones would be reduced.

“I remember when I was the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee; this was also a very popular position.

“Many people advocated for one term of six years during our time and quite frankly it was actually very popular.

“So, the only thing I can say is that whatever option we choose to operate, the most important thing is commitment to giving the nation good governance. There is no alternative to good governance.”

NAN reports that Mantu was on his way to Saudi Arabia for this year’s lesser Hajj when he made these comments.

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